Elder Law

Caring for elders is the inevitable result of being part of a family. Just knowing what to do next can be a difficult task with the busy world we live in today. There are many negative impressions about attorneys when it comes to elder law, but the reality is it can be too difficult for the children, spouses and relatives to navigate through health issues, asset protection, long-term care and other financial issues alone. With the help of a New York City elder law attorney, you can focus on your family rather than worrying about the future.




At some point, many elders simply aren’t able to care for themselves anymore. When that time comes, a guardianship may need to be appointed. Our elder care law firm takes guardianship seriously because it affects the livelihood of the elder. Not only will we conduct due diligence on the appointed guardian, but we will also keep in touch frequently to ensure the best care is given on a daily basis.




Now is the time to start planning for Medicaid/Medicare assistance, but it’s a complex system to understand if you haven’t dealt with it before. Our New York elder care attorneys can assist in helping you plan, qualify and ensure your elder receives the proper beneficial care they need.


Estate Planning


An elder’s estate could be one of their biggest assets. If it’s not handled properly, their life savings and accumulated assets could be gone in the blink of an eye. If nothing else, an elder care attorney can help give elders and their families peace of mind that their wealth is determined and protected.

It’s never too early to think about the elder years of life. Be sure to contact us at Gordon & Gordon as soon as possible to ensure the later years of life are as stress-free as possible. We’re ready to evaluate your situation, provide a long-term protection strategy and get to work as soon as you give us a call.

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