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The New York attorneys at Gordon & Gordon are experienced in approaching cases of all shapes and sizes from different strategic angles in order to provide every client with the strongest and most successful counsel possible.

Here are Examples of Success Stories Achieved by our Attorneys:

Khan v. Kozlenko

Gordon & Gordon, P.C was able to assist their client in winning an $8,500,000 settlement in the wrongful death of the client’s late wife. On November 25, 2015, Mrs. Rukhsana Khan was struck by a transit bus in the Midwood section of Brooklyn and suffered a fatal injury.

Gatbonton v. Riggi

Gordon & Gordon, P.C. was able to help their client, Anna Kristina Gatbonton, win a $400,000 settlement after she was injured in a motor vehicle accident in Queens. Gatbonton was driving near the intersection of 157th Avenue and 90th Street when she was struck by another vehicle.  Having sustained injuries, Gatbonton filed a lawsuit against the driver for negligence and carelessness while operating a vehicle.

Demorin v. Rappaport

Gordon & Gordon, P.C. won a $385,000 settlement for their client after she was rear-ended by a car while stopped at a traffic light. The plaintiff, Elizabeth Demorin, was driving her car on New Hempstead Road. She stopped at a red light in New City and was struck from behind by a vehicle operated by Neil Rappaport. Demorin claimed Rappaport was looking at his cell phone directly before the impact.

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I can’t express my gratitude enough for what you’ve done for me and my family. It’s nice to have somebody on your side. THANK YOU!

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